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Create a streamlined system for your Prevailing Wage projects


Get help with staying up to date and compliant with your Certified Payrolls


  • California Prevailing Wage Consultation
  • Prevailing Wage Administration
    • We will help you with the administration of your prevailing wage projects from start to finish. It includes but isn’t limited to:
      • Certified Payroll Administration
      • DIR Certified Electronic Payroll
      • DAS 140 & 142
      • Training Fund Contribution Tracking


  • Avoid fees
  • Avoid delays in projects
  • Reduce the overwhelming amount of paperwork
  • Keep your staff up-to-date & trained 
  • Never guess on compliance

Meet the Prevailing Wage Team


Pranay Bhargava is an established payroll, bookkeeping, insurance, and HR veteran, having worked in the space helping small and medium businesses in California for the past 7 years. His business has helped 1,000+ California construction clients get in compliance and proactively address future growth goals.

Pranay’s inclination towards the construction space is due to a family affair – his Father and Grandfather were contractors. He gets fired up by helping businesses that build the infrastructure for America thrive.

Pranay began his professional career working at the global leader in payroll and human resources, ADP, where he worked with construction businesses and finished as the top sales representative nationally. He also has experience working for technology startups, a US Congress, the Mayor of Washington D.C., in financial capital markets, and serving on several Virginia Tech Business School Boards, including being the chairperson for one.

His intention for the coming years is to become the leader in helping California construction businesses deal with compliance requirements for prevailing wage, bookkeeping, payroll, HR, and insurance.


Stacia Brown, PHR is a seasoned HR professional and a third-generation expert in the construction industry. With an inclination toward Prevailing Wage compliance, Stacia has carved a niche for herself in supporting construction businesses to meet their regulatory requirements.

Over the past five years, Stacia has emerged as a prominent HR leader, making significant contributions to some of the leading companies in the construction industry.

As a trusted advisor, Stacia Brown continues to empower organizations, driving their success through strategic HR solutions, and ensuring compliance with the ever-changing landscape of labor regulations.

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